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Snug Underfloor Heating

About Snug

Snug underfloor heating systems make homes and businesses all over the world warm, safe, comfortable places to be. They’re backed up by practical, straight-talking advice and expert technical support, a free design service and guaranteed next-day delivery, which is why so many wholesalers, installers and homeowners trust Snug – and their systems – time and time again.

Snug water and electric systems are just as at home in renovations as new builds and there are perfect solutions for any floor type, whether this be under carpets, wooden floors, ceramic tiles or stone.

Why choose underfloor heating?

There’s nothing like the feeling of a warm, heated floor under your feet. It’s great to wake up to and even better to come home to. It’s easy to live with and cosy to lounge on. It’s comfortable, reliable and surprisingly affordable. Which is why more and more people are choosing it – and discovering Snug.

The advantages of underfloor heating over radiators?

  • Radiator heat rises, for hot heads and cold floors, while underfloor heat is more even, for better temperature control.
  • Aesthetically, rooms without radiators look better, allowing more wall space and work well in open-plan homes.
  • Underfloor heating lowers the moisture in the air, reducing dust mites and helping ease allergies.
  • Underfloor heating helps to improve safety in the home, allowing faster drying floors when cleaning.
  • Underfloor heating gives you more accurate room-by-room temperature control, so you can tailor your system and save on your fuel costs.

How to choose between an electric or water underfloor heating system?

Snug Water systems, often called wet systems, are very versatile. From a single kitchen to a whole hotel, if you’re looking for great efficiency, they’re the best choice. They can be tuned to give out exactly the heat each room needs, and no more, creating comfortable warmth and cutting energy bills.

Electric systems are agile – in a couple of really useful ways. They’re easy to fit in small areas like bathrooms, or places you can’t plumb, like a conservatory. And because they’re made of strong but thin wire, they can be installed in rooms with low ceiling heights too. But the best bit? They heat up very quickly, for fast heat when you need it most.

More than just Underfloor Heating

SnugStat Wi-Fi thermostats offer instant control, from anywhere – the car, the bar or the office, with this easy to use mobile app or the intuitive touchscreen controller.

The SnugStat features an ambient light dimming functionality, which detects when you turn the lights off in a room and will dim the screen accordingly, for maximum comfort especially when sleeping. They’re even self-learning, so they remember how long it takes to reach your desired temperature and switch on at the right time – hassle free, cost effective and energy efficient.

The SnugStat Wi-Fi thermostat can also be retro-fitted to any wired heating system, giving you an innovative update to your existing heating system.

Why choose Snug from RNEW Electrical?

Snug are leaders in underfloor heating. Together with their technical experts, the team at RNEW will help you get the most from Snug systems – finding just the right one for your project, creating a customised design and supporting you through installation and beyond. We’ll also give you:

  • Accurate, efficient, customisable systems that help reduce energy bills.
  • A full quote within 24 hours of receiving your project details.
  • Advice on choosing, installing and programming the right system for your needs.
  • A free custom design service, from pipe and board layouts (unique to Snug) to flow rates.
  • Expert help tackling your specific challenges, from limited budget to limited space or time.
  • A full warranty on every system, including replacement parts and damage cover.
  • The option to add smart Wi-Fi thermostats that learn how long your home takes to heat.
  • Straight-talking, expert support, whether you’re a homeowner or a heating professional.
  • Our unique low-profile system is ideal for retro fits and home renovation, with only an 18mm floor height increase and is the most versatile end plate on the market.

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